"Dallas Cowboys Could Trade Longtime Starter, Says Analyst"


Trade Prospects for Jourdan Lewis: Dallas Cowboys' veteran cornerback Jourdan Lewis, often mentioned as a potential cut candidate, could bring trade value instead, according to USA Today's K.D. Drummond. 

Roster Decision Dilemma: Drummond highlights the dilemma facing the Cowboys' front office. While cap space isn't a pressing concern, the emergence of younger players might make a $5 million expense on Lewis as CB4 questionable. 

Balancing Depth: Teams grapple with the depth versus overkill decision, weighing Lewis' role against the potential of emerging talents and the team's other financial commitments. 

Contract and Salary Details: Lewis enters the final season of a $13.5 million contract, set to earn $4.5 million in 2023. Cutting Lewis would save around $4.7 million but result in a $1.1 million dead cap hit. 

– Seeking Trade Partners: Ideally, the Cowboys prefer trading Lewis despite challenges. His Lisfranc injury adds complexity, and he's currently on the PUP list with uncertain availability for the upcoming season.

Impact of Lisfranc Injury: The Dallas Morning News' David Moore highlights the severity of Lewis' Lisfranc injury, which medical professionals have labeled as one of the worst seen in 35 years. 

Lewis' Role: With 43 starts over six seasons, Lewis has been a consistent presence on the Cowboys' roster, adding to the complexity of the decision. 

Financial Flexibility: Drummond's analysis factors in impending extensions for key players like Diggs, Martin, Lamb, and Prescott, raising the question of allocating resources more effectively. 

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