"Ex $13 Million Starter Traded to AFC Contender: Eagles Make Bold Move"


Proposed Eagles-Jaguars Trade: Philadelphia considering sending Derek Barnett to Jacksonville in exchange for a 2024 first-round pick. 

– Bleacher Report suggests the Eagles should part ways with Barnett due to his underwhelming performance and the team's success without him.

Barnett's Disappointing Performance: Despite being a consistent starter since 2018, Derek Barnett has not lived up to the expectations of a first-round draft pick. 

– With just 21.5 sacks over his career, his impact on the Eagles' defense has been limited.

Uncertain Role in 2023 Preseason: As the 2023 preseason approaches, Barnett's future with the Eagles remains uncertain. 

– With other standout defensive ends like Josh Sweat and Brandon Graham on the roster, Barnett is unlikely to secure a starting role.

Dominant Defensive Duo: The Eagles boast an impressive defensive duo in Brandon Graham and Josh Sweat, both producing 11 sacks last season. 

– Their outstanding performance further diminishes Barnett's value to the team.

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