Every Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan Film Is Rated From "Meh" To "Masterpiece"

Let's ignore Oppenheimer for the time being and concentrate on some of the other collaborations the two have had over the years.

Before making Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy had done five successful films together. 

Murphy became the director's favorite actor despite not starring in those pictures.

Even if their work was good, some films did better than others.

Nolan and Murphy's final Batman film is their most undervalued collaboration. 

Fans said The Dark Knight Rises almost didn't have the fame of its predecessors.

Nolan's first Batman film was his fourth. The tale is adequately set out, but the sequel's "Nolan touch" truly took off.

Cillian's Scarecrow cameo felt like fan service to cap the character's journey, while Murphy had his smallest role under Nolan's direction.

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