Elon Musk Suggests That 'May Fail' Is A Possibility for X 


The billionaire Elon Musk acknowledged on Saturday that the platform he changed to "X,"  

ormerly known as Twitter, may not succeed.The sad reality is that there aren't any outstanding "social networks" at the moment, 

Musk said on the website. We might fail, as so many others have prophesied, 

but we'll do everything we can to ensure that there is at least one.Since buying the website last year, 

he has reduced employee numbers significantly, improved the authentication process, 

and entirely revamped the social networking site. He has previously set "temporary limits" on how many tweets ,

each user might access. Musk most recently faced criticism after expressing his intention to eliminate the site's block button. 

Users can control who can view and interact with their content or profile by using the block button.

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