Dwayne Johnson Discusses ‘Black Adam’s Box Office and DC’s Delay 


Expect plenty of playful jabs between Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson when the two get together, 

as well as some vulnerable exchanges.This was the case when Johnson appeared ,

as a guest on Hart's Peacock show, "Hart to Heart," where he regularly invites guests to discuss their lives, 

goals, and jobs.Between the several amusing digs at one another, Johnson had the chance to speak candidly ,

about his unhappiness with DC's Black Adam persona.The character, who was initially developed ,

for DC Comics as Shazam's adversary, has since changed on the page to take on the qualities of an antihero. 

Cinematically, Adam was supposed to be Shazam's antagonist (played by Zachary Levi in two films so far), 

but when Johnson got involved in the project in 2014, he pushed producers to go in a different way.

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