Dua Lipa is facing a $20 million lawsuit.

sensational singing Dua Lipa is being sued for using a recording in her smash hit Levitating.

Music producer Bosko Kante is reportedly suing Dua, accusing her of exploiting a tape captured with his talk box in remixes of her song.

Kante, who filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles on Monday, says he is entitled to more than $20 million in profit from Levitating's popularity.

According to the lawsuit, the singer had authorization to use the chat box on her original song but not on any subsequent remixes.

It further claims Dua utilized the material without authorization on subsequent releases such as The Blessed Madonna remix and a performance at the American Music Awards.

Kante claims to have invented the ElectroSpit Talk Box, a neck-worn gadget that can convert speech vibrations into instrument-like tones. 

According to Billboard, Kante's lawyers allege that the producer has made 'multiple attempts' to settle the claim, which they claim is a 'blatant infringement' of his copyright.

According to his lawyers, the producer filed legal action because Dua demonstrated a "unwillingness to cooperate or accept responsibility."


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