Derailment Closes World's Longest Rail Tunnel Until 2024

One of the most amazing 21st-century engineering achievements is the Gotthard Base Tunnel. 

The 35-mile Alps tunnel between Erstfeld and Bodio, Switzerland

 The Gotthard Base Tunnel will be closed to passengers until 2024 after a freight train disaster.

Last Thursday, an SBB Cargo train carried 30 Italian freight cars via the Gotthard Base Tunnel. 

a Swiss town near Italy. After a Bellinzona inspector fixed a stuck brake, the freight train entered the tunnel.

The world's longest and deepest tunnel connects Northern and Southern Europe via train. 

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is widely considered to be one of the most remarkable feats of engineering to be completed in the 21st century. 

The construction of the tunnel under the Alps that runs from Erstfeld to Bodio in Switzerland took a total of 17 years to complete.

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