Cougar assaults an 8-year-old, prompting closures in Washington's Olympic National Park.


Cougar attack on 8-year-old prompts closure of Lake Angeles and Heather Park in Olympic National Park, Washington. 

The child's mom's screams scared off the cougar during the camping incident. 

Park officials assisted the family after assessing the child's minor injuries. 

Lake Angeles campers evacuated, and sections of the park closed for safety precautions. 

Wildlife personnel join law enforcement to search for the cougar; euthanasia likely if found. 

The National Park Service states cougar attacks on humans are "extraordinarily rare." 

Visitors advised to hike or jog with others, keep children close, and leave pets at home. 

Running from a cougar can trigger an attack; group up, appear large, make noise, and throw objects to deter them. 

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