Coatimundis could be on the loose in Oklahoma at this time.


15th of August (UPI) -- Animal control officers in an Oklahoma city believe exotic animal sightings reported in the area are most likely coatimundis, 

 which are native to South America, Central America, and Mexico.

Durant Animal Control reported up to five sightings of an animal that some residents described as a hybrid between a raccoon and an opossum since May.

"I thought it was a possum head on a raccoon body," said witness Janet Golden to KTEN-TV. "Big, long white face with little bitty black eyes."

Darren Beckham, an animal control officer, believes up to three of the creatures are on the loose.

He stated that traps are being set up in an attempt to capture the creatures in a humane manner.

"I'm not sure where they'll relocate them to, but I'm guessing Mexico or South America," Beckham remarked.

The creatures are thought to have arrived in the area as part of the exotic pet trade.

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