Chelsea Green will discuss new partner and co-champ with the management.

Piper Niven made the shocking revelation that she will be Chelsea Green's new tag team partner during the Raw

broadcast on the 14th of August. Niven would have been a WWE Women's Tag Team champion at the moment .

the fact that Green and Sonya Deville, who was injured, were the current holders of the belts.

Niven and Green were promptly acknowledged as the winners by the firm

despite the fact that the narrative gave the impression that there was going to be more to it.

Which was strange since Chelsea had been in the middle of doing an online talent 

an online talent hunt for Deville's successor, and the fact that they were doing so appeared to be creating some noise.

Because of their appearance on The Bump the day before, it is reasonable to assume that there is more to the tale than what has been presented here.

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