Cardi B's Microphone Was Thrown At A Fan And Is Now For Sale To Benefit Charity

Cardi B's microphone, which she used to clonk someone at her Vegas act, is now for sale. 

For those who missed it, over the weekend, viral video recorded the "Be Careful" rapper retaliating against a fan who splashed water on her.  

Cardi first invited fans to splash her while she performed at Drai's Beach Club in Las Vegas, but she specifically asked that it not strike her face.  

After the water splashing ended, one fan wanted to continue it, which caught the rapper off unprepared.

Cardi tossed her microphone towards the woman, and it appeared to hit her. Cardi continued to perform after the woman was hauled out.  

Despite the fact that the woman has now filed a report, the audio production business that provided the show's sound equipment 

now attempting to transform this negative scenario into a positive one. 

According to TMZ, The Wave in Sin City is currently selling the microphone to help two charity.


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