Borderlands' Fiona and Sasha Novel's Best Part Isn't the Characters

Sasha and Fiona, fan favorites from Tales from the Borderlands, return in Borderlands: Debt or Alive, an original novel.

Anthony Burch, Borderlands 2's principal writer, returns, suggesting a return to the series' high-quality storytelling.

Burch's involvement in the novel and future projects may affect Borderlands' future.

Characters, aesthetics, and looter-shooter gameplay make Borderlands famous. 

Borderlands' spin-offs focus on character interactions and world-building, while the mainstream series continues the multiplayer premise.

Tales from the Borderlands debuted many new characters. Sasha and Fiona became fan favorites in the title. 

Borderlands 3 omitted both, disappointing fans. Titan Books released Borderlands:

Debt or Alive, a prequel to Tales of the Borderlands 2, last month to continue Sasha and Fiona's narrative. 

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