Boosie's Son Arrested by Charleston White

Our speculations are over.

Charleston White has admitted to getting Tootie Raww arrested, Lil Boosie's son. Stop this silly stuff.

Charleston White is about 50 years old and Tootie Raww is 19. It looks like he's 55! These two grown men have been arguing on social media for quite some time.

Tootie threatens White. The Austin Police were notified of their mutual attendance at SXSW. Both attended SXSW.

He spent the night in jail and left with the paperwork I mentioned previously. Boosie should give the game to his son. He could have a rough road if he doesn't.

Additionally, CW said he wanted KING, T.I.'s son. Tip and Boosie aren't friends, but their kids are. Soon, they may face a common enemy.

Sadder still, we still call the cops on people. Yes? Police said there was no foul play in the decapitation of a Black man.

 We need to do things differently, I think. Charleston White confirms he arrested Boosie's son


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