Baker Mayfield of the Buccaneers has filed a lawsuit alleging the theft of $12 million.


On the field, Baker Mayfield is competing with other quarterbacks for playing time, and off the field, he may be engaged in a legal struggle.

The quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his wife have asked a Texas court for details on a $12 million investment.

Defense attorneys have requested defendants produce bank documents in an effort to trace the disappearance of the funds.

It is stated in the paper that the petitioners "simply do not know" if their money has been invested wisely and competently, 

stolen or otherwise mishandled, or somewhere in between.

The paperwork is not a formal lawsuit. The Mayfields simply want an accounting of the funds' whereabouts. They claim they were "denied access to this information," prompting them to file a formal request.

A lawsuit is not likely or even anticipated at this time, according to the filing. 

Petitioners have not been provided with the records and data necessary to determine if any of their property has been improperly used.

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