Baby Rey meets her namesake in a viral Star Wars video.

A viral video from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge shows a baby named Rey meeting her Star Wars namesake. Rey has been an icon for young female Star Wars fans since the publication of Star Wars:

The Force Awakens in 2015. This is evidenced by the constant cosplays of Rey found at Star Wars conventions since 2015, with Rey's impact leading to an upcoming Star Wars film 

centered on the character once again, which will hopefully inspire a new generation of fans wishing to see themselves in a galaxy far, far away.

A newborn named Rey meets her namesake at Galaxy's Edge in a viral video released on the Nixole77 Tiktok account. The video catches the moment the Rey actress realizes the infant is named after her Star Wars character,

which leads to an extraordinarily touching conversation between the two. While the infant is obviously too little to care about Star Wars right now,

this endearing video will definitely stay with her as she grows older and realizes the significance of the wonderful moment tiny Rey met her namesake.

The viral Tiktok video depicts how much of an impact infant Rey had on the Galaxy's Edge employees. Aside from having an impact on her namesake,

newborn Rey wins Chewbacca's heart as he spends time connecting with the younger version of his Millennium Falcon copilot.


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