Annette Bening discusses her transgender son's remarkable knowledge.

Having obtained invaluable insight from her transgender son, Annette Bening shares her story.

Many marginalized persons whose voices were previously unheard have found a voice in the LGBTQIAP+ fight for equal rights.

It's very uncommon for parents to react negatively when their child chooses to forge their own unique path in life.

But Annette Bening, an actress and activist who is also the proud mother of her son Stephen, has learned a lot from him.

"I have a trans son and he is such an inspiration to me," she said to The Hollywood Reporter. 

It's undeniable that the political climate for trans people today is bleak. She continued by saying that things will get even worse once the election season started. 

She maintained the conversation's focus on her duties as chair of the Entertainment Community Fund and her hopes for political office, 

despite being a member of the prestigious Screen Actors Guild.

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