Anna Delvey Admits She Deeply 'Regrets' Scamming People: 'I Will Have to Live With It Forever'


Anna Delvey does not look back on her decisions with fondness.

and art communities while defrauding people."I regret a lot of the decisions I've made in the past,

" Delvey said. "I haven't made the best decisions. 

My mistakes are quite public, and I will have to live with them for the rest of my life."

When asked if she believes her criminal history will stymie her future, she answered, 

"It gets thrown back in my face pretty much every day.""Me moving on does not imply that everything I did was completely correct,

" she concluded. "I learned from my errors." I made full recompense. My legal fees were paid. 

 I was never represented by a public defender. I never accepted government funds. 

The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.

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