Aniston Shares Her Fitness Essentials for Feeling Great at 54

Jennifer Aniston has shared her favorite low-impact exercise routine.

The, P.ball, Precision Mat, and Gliders were among the workout tools she discussed.

Now you can get a Signature Bundle on the Pvolve website and get a free 30-day home trial of all her favorite exercise products.

Jennifer Aniston is vocal about her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. 

She has shared her thoughts on becoming older as well as her workout regimen openly. 

What's the latest on the actress's (now 54) health front?

She's become obsessed with the Pvolve workout and is eager to recommend its accompanying, P.ball, Precision Mat, and Gliders to everyone who will listen.

Apparently, Aniston's fondness for Pvolve, a low-impact workout program that mixes functional movement with resistance-based equipment, began when she sustained a back ailment in 2021. 

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