Alex Morgan has a harsh warning for the US women's team.

Wednesday night was a pivotal encounter for the United States Women's National team in the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup. If they beat the Netherlands,

they would have a chance to win their group and advance further in the tournament. In spite of their best efforts, they were only able to tie the score 1-1. And superstar Alex Morgan isn't exactly thrilled about the turn of events.

After the match, Alex Morgan made it very obvious that a draw was not the result that the United States was hoping for on Wednesday night. 

He stated that the squad was "a bit unlucky" not to be able to score a second goal late in the match in order to pull off the win,

and he made it clear that this result was not what the United States was aiming for. If we don't come out on top, we won't consider ourselves successful. 

According to clutch sports, Morgan was quoted as saying that because of this, first place in the group is currently up for grabs, and that as a result,

"we have to close the job when we play against Portugal in a few days." It was a stroke of bad luck that we were unable to score a second goal.

We spent the entirety of the second half playing in their side of the field. In the second half, I don't even think they had any possibilities that could be considered threatening.


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