"Alex Morgan Faces Backlash Over Post-Draw Behavior: Fans Express Disappointment"


USWNT advances to 2023 Women's World Cup knockout rounds, but their performance falls short of expectations.

A 3-0 win against Vietnam seems routine, but a tense 1-1 draw with the Netherlands raises concerns. 

Team secures advancement with a scoreless draw against Portugal, yet fans and analysts anticipate more from a skilled squad. 

Fox Sports' Rob Stone and Carli Lloyd express discontent over post-draw celebrations, questioning team's focus and attitude. 

Criticism centers on Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, and Crystal Dunn's dancing and autograph signing after the Portugal match. 

Team's behavior prompts discussions on respect, priorities, and dedication to the game. 

USWNT awaits round of 16 opponent, but winning a third consecutive World Cup demands significant improvements. 

Performance gap between team's potential and current display suggests the need for strategic adjustments. 

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