After the next patch, Diablo 4 will not consume all of your VRAM.


Patch 1.1.1 fixes Diablo 4's VRAM issue.

Blizzard stated that the 1.1.1 patch notes will fix a long-standing Diablo 4 issue.

Diablo 4 VRAM management is the issue. When VRAM is out, it can crash the game. Even with ample VRAM, the game will chug and stutter before that.

It was fixed at launch but returned with a subsequent patch. PlayStation 5 customers were affected, but it will be fixed soon.

When queried on Twitter, Diablo community lead Adam Fletcher revealed that patch 1.1.1 will change VRAM management.

Fletcher said, "We have had some tests internally with this and seen memory levels stay consistent over numerous hours of gameplay and porting in and out through towns," which everyone who encountered this difficulty wants to hear. 

Porting to/from towns seems to cause the worst of it.August 8 brings patch 1.1.1. The patch buffs all classes, especially Barbarians and Sorcerers,

and increases Legendary drop rates in important regions. Monster density and boss health are being changed to increase endgame XP.

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