After Miranda Lambert Shares Health News, Fans Rally.

Miranda Lambert has been forced to take time off during her Las Vegas stint at the Velvet Rodeo. 

A doctor's orders for vocal rest meant that the "Mama's Broken Heart" singer had to cancel her March 30 performance. 

Miranda shared her dismay and her desire to return to performing as soon as possible.

On Twitter, Miranda gave her followers an update about her life and explained how concert ticket buyers might get their money back.

Hello, everyone," she emailed. I've spent the entire day under the care of a doctor to see if things improve, but I've been ordered to rest my voice, so we can't perform tonight.

I'm sorry that we had to disappoint the fans who had planned to spend their Thursday night with us. 

 I have two performances this weekend and am doing everything I can to feel my best.

 I hope this finds everyone well and I appreciate your patience. 

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