After 22 years, Megan Fox abruptly retires.


After the news was recently shared with fans, Megan Fox's fiancé Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) expressed  ,

his joy at the news of her new non-acting endeavor.The actor, 37, 

just shared her most recent endeavor on Instagram. On the platform, she told her followers ,

that she had authored a number of poetry. Later this year, the collection Pretty Boys ,

Are Poisonous will be released.The anthology, which will be published in November, 

is rumored to represent her literary debut. The poetry has been mocked as being "heartbreaking and dark," 

but the publisher claims it also displays her "wicked humor."Megan revealed the book cover ,

when she revealed the project. Along with the title, it has a pair of lips that are entwined ,

The Rose Bowl's Future Was Already Settled Upon.

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