Aaron Rodgers has agreed to accept a big pay cut for the Jets.

Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets have agreed to a new two-year contract that will see the quarterback take a significant pay cut, 

which should enable the organization develop a squad around him.

On Wednesday evening, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero claimed that the Jets had signed Rodgers to a new two-year contract with a guaranteed salary of $75 million. 

That pact replaces his prior contract with Green Bay, which would have earned him more than $110 million. 

That translates to a $35 million wage decrease for Rodgers. This is significant because it provides the Jets more leeway in creating a team around their new franchise quarterback. 

Rodgers' goal is simple: he wants to win another Super Bowl to add to his Hall of Fame resume and realizes he needs as much support as possible.

Especially on a New York squad that hasn't made the playoffs in 12 years. 

It also demonstrates that Rodgers isn't only in this for the money. The next two years will be focused on winning and doing everything it takes to achieve that opportunity. 


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