A Woman Designs Jeans Inspired by Taylor Swift, and They Are a Lot of Work


Create something that is actually inspired by your favorite celebrity, whether they be Barbie, Beyoncé, Cher, or Taylor Swift. 

This may mean anything from Barbie-inspired shoes to rhinestone-fringed boots to butterfly cut-out pants.

Lauren, the inventor of the video sharing app TikTok, shows off a pair of homemade pants she made in a video that seems like an emoji bomb went off because they were inspired by Taylor Swift. 

This is a blast! Let's have a look at it! These ended up being fantastic.

According to the accompanying how-to video, she began by sketching in ProCreate on her iPad before adjusting the paper dimensions in Photoshop. 

 Then she used a sublimation printer to transfer them. She utilized an Epson Eco Tank, which is limited to fabrics with a high percentage of polyester.

If it is less than 50% polyester, however, a sublimation coating might be used.

Then, using heat-resistant adhesive, she affixed the various pictures she had cut out on her pants.

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