A one-card tarot reading for every sign on February 1

It might not seem possible right now, but you can get back on track after a failure, even if it seems impossible. 


There should be an honest person in your life who keeps their word and tries to work things out when they can't. 



Gemini, being thankful is a state of mind. Feel grateful for everything you have, even the little things that make your life better.

Today, though, your gut may be telling you that something has changed. Trust it, even if you feel shocked or unable to believe it.



If you need to feel like you don't have to worry about money, maybe having a few dollars in the bank will help.

Are you unhappy with your job? Sometimes you hit a ceiling not because you don't have the skills or ability to do well, but because you need to grow in another area.


When you're done with a relationship, you can always tell. That person who usually makes you feel good now makes you feel tired and drained when you're around them.


Sometimes it's hard to hide how you feel when you love someone. Every time you think about this person, romance seems to follow you around.


There are some differences that two people can't work out. Persons with strong personalities don't often get along.


Sometimes you "think" you need someone to help you with different things, but the truth is that you can solve some problems on your own.


You're having a hard time at work. There is someone who has chosen to be the gatekeeper, and it feels like there is no way to get around them.


A person with little or no experience is open to other people's thoughts and ideas. 


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