A lackluster film stars Gal Gadot in "Heart of Stone."


Gal Gadot plays a super spy working covertly for a different squad of super spies in Netflix's "Heart of Stone, 

adding a subtle but obvious twist to the international spy thriller. In the movie, Gadot plays Rachel Stone, 

a low-level MI6 agent who "stays in the van" and handles communications ,

while the rest of her squad is out in the field endangering their lives.Stone is secretly employed by the Charter, 

a clandestine group made up of some of the most skilled assassins in the world and committed ,

to minimizing the loss of human life through missions managed by an AI tool known as the Heart. 

Stone is supposed to keep an eye on her MI6 team, but when Keya Dhawan (Alia Bhatt), 

an extremist who thinks the Heart is a deadly gadget, steals it, her Charter orders shift." 

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