'80% of the wagering' goes to the British actor playing the next James Bond.


The enormous chore of selecting a replacement for Daniel Craig as 007 seems to have dragged  ,

on interminably at this stage.No Time to Die, in which Daniel Craig made his final film debut, 

came out over two years ago. While the identity of the next Bond movie's star is still unknown,  

one man has emerged as a leading contender.According to recent data from bookmakers Star Sports, 

the majority of gamblers believe James Norton from Happy Valley will don Bond's tuxedo. 

The bookmakers have lowered Norton's odds, whereas Snowfall's Damson Idris had been hailed ,

as the leader last month following a shocking turn in the market.In fact, according to the bookmaker, 

a startling 80% of all wagers made through them on the next Bond have been against Norton.

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