8 Stylish and Fun Pink French Nail Designs

Going French

This mani has three different shades of pink tips instead of just one. 

Although this mani may appear difficult, it is completely doable at home. 

Orange Crush

Start your gradient manicure with a light pink color on your thumb, then pick a little darker pink for each nail that follows. 

Tickled Pink

This manicure is unique because of the pairing of baby pink and hot pink. 

The Right Mix

Add a small pink stripe to the base of your tip to give a classic French manicure a pink twist. 

White Hot

Your French manicure looks lively and fresh when you add a few white flowers to it.

Flower Power

A heart-shaped stencil is a wonderful way to add some heart-shaped nail art to your nails.

Heart You

This design is super trendy with its gradient French tips, overlay of abstract art, and pink crystals. 

Crystal Method

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