4 Tart Cherry Juice Benefits  That Will Make You Drink It Every Day

Tart cherry juice is sold alongside coconut water and sports recovery drinks at your grocery store. 

If you have not bought a bottle yet, now may be the time to buy one and drink the ruby red juice to improve your sleep. 

4 Research-Backed Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice 

After drinking sour cherry juice, elite athletes asked McHugh if it helped them sleep. 

1. Tart Cherry Juice May Improve Sleep. 

Using tart cherry juice for gout and arthritis relief is a nearly century-old word-of-mouth remedy. Many pain sufferers report feeling less acute pain after eating canned tart cherries or drinking juice. 

2. Tart Cherry Juice Can Help Joint Pain 

Doctors utilize CRP blood tests to predict high blood pressure and other cardiovascular illnesses. 

3. Tart Cherries Lower Blood Pressure 

McHugh was suspicious when invited to examine tart cherry juice and exercise and muscle recovery.

4. Tart Cherries Are Post-Workout Heroes 

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