4 Easy Tarot Spreads to Our Resident Astrologer

This meditation ritual helps you learn tarot while gleaning insight into the day ahead of you.  

This type of tarot card reading can also help you stay determined and know where to direct your energy throughout the day.  

New to tarot or looking for a new way to infuse magic into each morning? Start your day with a one-card pull as I often do.  

One Card Spread

The past, present, future spread presents three cards to offer insight into the progression of a situation. 

Three Card Spread

Gather insight into your love life with a five-card love spread, which features three cards on top and two on the bottom. Shuffle your cards, and think about romance. 

Five Card Spread

The Celtic Cross spread looks busy and complicated, but anyone with an open mind and a deck of tarot cards can do it. Trust me. 

10 Card Spread


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