2023 Women's World Cup: USWNT challenges Netherlands to a tie in the second match

A win on Tuesday night would have sent either the United States or the Netherlands to the knockout stage of the 2023 Women's World Cup, but a 1-1 tie was the outcome of a hard-fought contest.

It wasn't a defeat, but the US had won 13 straight World Cup games dating back to their victory in France in 2015. 

With the knockout stage in mind, the United States' next match against Portugal on Tuesday becomes more important. 

The opening half was undoubtedly Dutch. The Netherlands was more technically sound, making terrific initial touches and being decisive when it mattered. 

Andi Sullivan was late to come up on Lieke Martens in the 17th minute, allowing her to get past her and surge up field toward the US goal. Martens eventually caught Crystal Dunn asleep on the right side as a pass into the 18-yard box appeared to be a perfect opportunity for the Dutch to strike first.

Dunn ended up blocking a cross into the middle, but the USWNT couldn't get away from the danger. No one was covering Jill Roord at the top of the box, and after receiving a good ball,

The Dutch, as well as the Netherlands faithful in the stands, went insane, knowing how crucial that first goal was.

The United States had not trailed in a half since losing to Sweden in 2011. They eventually lost that game 2-1. 

However, despite coming out stronger in the second half, captain Lindsey Horan responded when her team needed it the most. Horan was already in a terrible mood after a powerful tackle knocked her down on the field with what appeared to be an injury.

Horan pulled the Dutch back with a brilliantly executed set piece that saw her header find the back of the net in the 62nd minute to draw the game. 


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