"100,000 Residents Rejoice: New Mexico Lifts Debt-Based Driver's License Suspensions!"


– New Mexico's motor vehicle division lifts license suspensions for 100,000 residents under anti-poverty legislation.

– The bipartisan law, signed by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, ends suspensions for unpaid fines or court appearances.

– 23 other states have also taken steps to end debt-based suspensions, recognizing the negative impact on individuals and families.

– The new law doesn't apply to commercial driver's licenses or suspensions for dangerous driving or traffic violations.

– Over 160,000 out-of-state drivers with New Mexico citations have also had their suspensions cleared.

– Underlying citations and fines remain on drivers' records after suspensions are lifted.

– There's no fee to reinstate a driver's license under the new law, but payments may be required for expired licenses.

– Sponsors of the law, including Sen. Crystal Diamond and Rep. Christine Chandler, argue that debt-based suspensions are counterproductive.

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