10 Cat Breeds That Are Black and White

Maine coons are one of the biggest cat breeds and very gentle. Their unusual excellent looks and shiny coat make them one of the most popular breeds worldwide. 

1 Maine Coon

With its tight, curling hair, broad ears, and slender body, a black and white Cornish Rex is distinctive. They're called cats' greyhounds.

2 Cornish Rex

The Manx resembles a dog, just as the Cornish Rex. They are often jovial, sociable, calm, and spirited. Manx cats are also quite intelligent and teachable. 

3 Manx Cat

The shorter-than-average legs of this breed, which are the result of a genetic mutation, give it its name. Black and white is one of the several color combinations available for Munchkins.

4 Munchkin

The Oriental shorthair is a distinct breed that is sometimes mistaken with its Siamese cousin. These cats, unlike Siamese, have green eyes and come in a variety of patterns, hues, and shades, including black and white. 

5 Oriental Shorthair

The pure white Persian is the most photographed and desired breed, although they also come in black and white. Long, thick coats, huge, brilliant eyes, and smushed features distinguish this breed. 

6 Persian

Scottish folds have impish-looking ears. These kitties are not mischievous. Scottish folds get along with other pets and respecting youngsters due to their laid-back nature. 

 7 Scottish Fold

Siberian cats have thick, semi-longhaired triple coats. In Russia's frigid, wooded subarctic Siberia, they require its fur. Due to its friendly, lively nature and stunning appearance, the breed is gaining popularity in the U.S. 

8 Siberian Cat

The exquisite, long-haired Turkish Angora was previously solely white. They also available in black and white. Turkish Angoras want a household with companionship most of the day.

9 Turkish Angora

Domestic mixed-breed cats, popularly known as moggies, have no documented lineage. If you want to adopt a cat, you can usually find them at rescue shelters around the country.

10 Domestic Mixed Breed Cat 


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