Asahi Grill-Home of the World’s Famous Hawaiian The Oxtail Soup

Let’s get one thing straight first. I’m the kind of girl who will try everything once, so even if Hawaiian oxtail soup is obscure, I’ll still eat it. So, as I was walking by and noticed the sign that was hanging above Asahi Grill (formerly known as Kam Bowl) that said “Home of the Famous Hawaiian Oxtail Soup,” I knew I had to stop in.”I had already made up my mind about what I was going to have for lunch on that particular day.

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Asahi Grill-Home of the World’s Famous Hawaiian The Oxtail Soup
The Famous Hawaiian Oxtail Soup at Asahi Grill

The Famous Hawaiian Oxtail Soup at Asahi Grill

Permit me to be succinct and state that if you find yourself in Hawaii, either as a resident or a visitor, you absolutely have to have this soup. When I next become sick, I want to make sure I have some of this soup to help me feel better. This is the broth that I just know I’m going to want to eat over and over again. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. The Asahi Grill is open for business.

It has been packed with a variety of herbs, including star anise, Chinese parsley (also known as cilantro), oxtail, and other tasty ingredients. You can ask them not to include the cilantro if you like. Next, sprinkle the desired amount of minced ginger over the mixture and proceed to slurp it up. The oxtail stew had a richness to it that I’d been looking for my whole life, and it melted in my mouth as I ate it. It is served with two scoops of rice, and together they create a supper that is superior to perfection. If, once everything is said and done, you don’t feel as powerful as, well, an ox, then I’ll be astonished.

This year is Asahi Grill’s 75th anniversary, and the restaurant is celebrating in style. Gary, the owner who is originally from Okinawa and who has been in charge of running the business for the past three decades, came out to meet me while I was eating and engaged in conversation with me the whole time. While Gary did most of the talking, I chewed on bones, slurped my soup, and tasted history, tales, and a broth that comes from toiling hard, taking pride in one’s labor, and having aloha. Perhaps this is the main reason people want to be famous in the first place.

The Asahi Grill was initially established by a venerable Chinese guy, who passed the business on to a venerable Okinawan man, who in turn passed it on to Gary thirty years ago, while Gary was still in his teens. Before it became the Asahi Grill, it was once a bowling alley and a restaurant within the same building that housed an auto repair shop.

The recipe is a fusion of Chinese and Okinawan methods of cooking; the first proprietor was responsible for its creation, while the second proprietor was responsible for its refinement. In addition to that, you may have oxtail ramen, which is served with the same broth. Gary is also the proprietor of the Kapiolani Coffee Shop in Waimalu, which is where the world-famous oxtail broth can be found.

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The unremarkable but undeniably tasty green tea and red bean sorbet that served as the evening’s last course was the cherry on top of an already outstanding meal. The Asahi Grill is an establishment that should not be missed, regardless of how well-known it may or may not be.

Address ! 815 Keeaumoku St Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Phone ! (808) 744-9067